Pumpkin Ravioli in Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Brown Butter and sage. Do I need to say more?

Brown Butter Pasta 2

This recipe is something that I normally wouldn’t make. We try to make healthy choices daily with our meals, but every now and then you need to splurge and have a delicious, silky brown butter pasta.

This is the perfect Friday night meal, it is yummy and quick [I was a lone ranger for dinner tonight, so I did not need to add any extra protein that Bryan would be expecting, which helps with the cooking time.]

This sauce contains only THREE ingredients, and the whole meal from start to finish can be whipped up in under 15 minutes.

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I now pronounce you husband and wife…..

February Twenty-Seventh Two Thousand and Fifteen.The day I married my Love. 


That day was by far the best day of my life, and a day that I have been waiting on for years. Bryan and I will be together for almost 8 years years. We met in college in our architecture program in London, and hit it off right away. When I say hit it off, I mean we became very good friends. We would share our dating misadventures with each other, hang out between/after classes, and pass notes (This was just before texting came about). Bryan would without fail try and get me to go on a date with him for three years out of those four. I always brushed it off, looking at him as my very handsome friend. It wasn’t until my 21st birthday that I had enough liquid courage in me to give him a call in Calgary. We talked for several months before he moved back home from a co-op, then became boyfriend and girlfriend. Now that you have a brief history lesson, let’s get back to our wedding.

It was everything we ever wanted. We always knew that our wedding day we be a small and intimate time in our life. We would have loved to have all our family and friends there, however we knew deep down that the more intimate our wedding, the more we could really take it all in and enjoy. It was exactly what we expected. Chilly (I think it was -10 deg Celsius) but the sun was shinning down on us the whole day! Continue reading