Oh how life has changed….

M.I.A – Yup that’s me, missing in action for almost two years. How does that happen you ask? Soon after I started this little blog my husband and I found out that we were expecting a little baby! A baby, a real life human being who would be ours forever? Was this real life? Was Franky going to take it well? So many thoughts running through our heads. To top it off, I found out I was pregnant right after Bryan headed back up to Northern Canada for half a month. What do I do? I wouldn’t tell bryan that he was going to become a father via text, skype or phone. I knew I had to wait, but I had to tell someone! I was going to be a mother, so of course who do I call?? My mom.

Now I truly had no intention on telling my mom before my husband, but she was like any mother and knew something was going on. When I called her on my lunch after the doctor confirmed that, yup there is a baby in there I knew I couldn’t keep it in. Now, calling my mom throughout the day isn’t out of the norm. I call her a lot just to chat about nothing really, what we’re up too, what we had for lunch, what new colour of lipstick we bought, but today I was going to drop the bomb that she was going to be a grandma once again!! Half way through our conversation my mom asked what was wrong, why was I talking so fast and acting like I was a toddler in a ball pit?! I blurted out “I’m pregnant” and what do we both do? We laugh, we laugh so hard my stomach hurts, her baby is now going to have a baby! I will always remember that moment, I was sitting in a parking lot after going to the doctors. I had to get this off my chest, mom would know what to do, this would tie me over until Bryan gets home. I had to tell her. Well, I did and boy did we laugh.

When Bryan finally returned home I couldn’t wait to tell him. I bought a few things over the two weeks he was gone to help me tell my hubby that yup you’re going to be a daddy. I put everything into a box and told him I bought him an early birthday gift and he had to open it right this second. It was 6am, he flew in at 3am and I had to head off to work. Could I have waited until after work that night to tell him? Probably. Would I? Oh no….I’m sure the jet lag and minimal sleep didn’t help but boy was he shocked! We were pretty lucky, we decided to start trying after our honeymoon, knowing that we wanted to start a family in the near future. Thinking it would take months until we finally saw that little red + on the pregnancy test. Well you know what? Just call me fertile mertile because it only took us one try. I count my blessings everyday that it wasn’t a struggle for us. We have a lot of people in our lives that are having a hard time conceiving. I can’t imagine that struggle, wanting a family so bad but it’s out of your control. With Bryan’s work schedule (He was in the arctic for half a month at a time) we were very lucky that my ovulation dates matched his dates being home. I can’t even think about what we would do if he was gone for work when we could start trying. After telling Bryan in that moment, life kind of took off into a crazy baby whirlwind. After telling family and work the news, it was crunch time to get our life organized for this little one to enter the world. We still hadn’t unpacked our wedding boxes….or even our honeymoon luggage (Procrastination at it’s finest)

Now almost two years later we have a little baby Girl. Nora Lynn Simpson was born on December 14 2015 at 9:02am after 19 hours of labour…..life has completely changed and so have our priorities in life. We have moved back into the city, we have bought a fixer upper and I would love to take you guys on our journey into designing our new home (could be forever home?) So follow us as we take on these new adventures in cooking, renovations and raising our strong sassy little girl.


Again I apologize for being absent, but I am back and I can’t wait to share our life with you all.

xo JL

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