Little Miss Nora’s Room

I loved designing Nora’s Nursery, it was bold and very colourful. Lots of yellow, blue, red, and pink on a deep navy wall. Combined with the pine wainscoting it fit with our coastal vibe at the lake house.

Now that she is two I’ve decided to make her room a bit more grown up. A place she can grow into with a few extra’s that will spark her imagination.

The overall theme for her big girl room is Parisian sweet with a tomboy edge. Nora is definitely a mix of the two. She loves bunnies, getting her hair done, and wearing her pink tutu, but her nickname at daycare is roller-derby since she’s as tough as little girls come. Very rarely does she cry, when she bumps her head she looks at you and says “bonk”, when she falls down on the gravel she get’s back up like nothing happened scraped knee’s and all. I think Frank prepped her to be the little girl with a wide stance and elbows out. If anyone has a boxer you know they get very excited and turn into a pretzel and have all the wiggles. Nora seems to get in Franks path daily and she was always down on her butt. Now she knows how to react and Franky doesn’t stand a chance. Above are a few idea’s that I would like to incorporate into Nora’s room. We purchases a blush faux fur pillow and a similar grey beaded chandelier for her room. We initially had planned on a ceiling fan, but Miss Nora isn’t into jammies anymore so I want to keep her warm and thought a fan would be redundant.

Racoon Art - Bubble Gum

The Raccoon portrait is a handmade watercolour painting I bought off an artist in Toronto. It was the first piece I bought for Nora’s nursery and it will forever be in her room. I love the sweetness of the bubblegum mixed with the feisty furry friend. It resembles Nora’s personality perfectly.

We decided to convert Nora’s crib into a toddler bed until she is ready to move to a full size. There is a product called Beddy Bed’s that is a one piece zipper bedding that installs over the mattress like a fitted sheet. Once Nora is a little older I will definitely be purchasing this product. It’s great for when she can make her bed herself and it will look great every time.

How sweet is this little rocket lamp. I love it in the space as it shows girls that not everything needs to be bubble gum pink and dollies. It’s my life mission to make sure Nora knows she can do anything she wants when she’s big. Pastry chef ?Sure, pass mama a macaroon! Fly rocket ships? You betcha, I’d love to see the mooon.  Living with mommy forever I’m in! (Okay maybe not the last one lol)

One fun element we added to Nora’s room is a dutch door. This will allow us to keep Nora in her room at night but still have access to view into her room and hear her if she wakes at night. I love this idea and I can only imagine the kind of fun she will have with this door. Lock the top and she has a secret clubhouse in her room where only her and Franky can enter. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in this room and what kind of girl she continues to grow into.

Nora’s room is facing east and the last thing any parent wants is their child to wake with the sunrise lol so we’re going to be looking into California shutters. Her window fairly big at 6′ x 6′ so we definitely need to address this issue before we move in for privacy as well. Throughout the house we have purchased black matte curtain rods with a black rattan ball on the ends. I am still on the hunt for the perfect white linen curtain that doesn’t break the bank. Why are curtains so expensive? Don’t you love this bunny curtain tie back? It’s from Anthropologie, but the $60 price tag is to expensive for my blood so we’re on the hunt for a similar style for less.

I hope you’re enjoying these posts. I love interiors, it really is a passion of mine and I hope it shows.

Once we’re in and Nora’s room is set up I will provide an update on what the final look is.


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