Nora’s Big Girl Room


Our Sweet Little Nora….

One of the best most hilarious things in life is having a toddler……we’re constantly laughing at the things that she says, the way she runs wild. “Oh my gooodnesssss” is heard constantly as well as “Momma Nora Hungi????” Even after two pieces of PB toast, a bowl of cereal and several yogurts lol she is a bottomless pit. Kids can lighten up the mood when you desperately need it and Miss Nora Lynn is no different. When originally planning her room I had visioned a sweet Persian bedroom with a hint of tomboy….lots of pastels and soft pinks with a splash of black for contrast.  (See below for my inspiration)

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Kitchen Backsplash

When we designed our kitchen….

We knew we wanted to keep it classic but with a youthful edge. We decided to go with a shaker style cabinet in Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore. We went back and forth on brass hardware or black and made a last minute switch to black. I am soooo happy we went with the black. The pops so nicely against the pale cabinets and our caesarstone counters.

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