Nora’s Big Girl Room


Our Sweet Little Nora….

One of the best most hilarious things in life is having a toddler……we’re constantly laughing at the things that she says, the way she runs wild. “Oh my gooodnesssss” is heard constantly as well as “Momma Nora Hungi????” Even after two pieces of PB toast, a bowl of cereal and several yogurts lol she is a bottomless pit. Kids can lighten up the mood when you desperately need it and Miss Nora Lynn is no different. When originally planning her room I had visioned a sweet Persian bedroom with a hint of tomboy….lots of pastels and soft pinks with a splash of black for contrast.  (See below for my inspiration)

Nora’s First Nursery….

I loved designing  Nor’as nursery, I took months to hand pick everything that went into her first bedroom. So when the big move came and we started to set up her big girl room, I started going through some of her nursery decor and realized that I couldn’t put it all away in storage. So I started over and created a bright space for our little miss that she can grow into.

It’s all in the details….

For our new house, we purchased our lighting at CB2, Wayfair and Homesense. I found Nora’s nursery chandelier at Homesense for $129.00. When comparing similar models online I definitely scored. We actually had a few choices that we stored in our spare bedroom prior to the move and whenever we went in to look at our purchases Nora would always run up to it saying “pretty mommy pretty” It was a no brainier that this one would end up in her room.

We kept the Chantilly lace white paint by Benjamin Moore on the walls. I debated painting her room a pale pink, but if we have a boy one day this will be his room and I thought white is a safe colour for now.

Nora’s Room at a glance………..

Prior to moving into our new house we had sold our house and were living in limbo for two months at a rental property. For anyone currently doing this I feel for you. Honestly lol a real marriage tester… add to it all Nora was not sleeping well in her crib to say the least. There were tenants right below us so if she would cry in her crib we couldn’t let her cry it out in fear of waking them up, so in our bed she goes….for 2 months. Which means after a week straight of this….every night at bed time she would end up walking to “mommy, daddy and Nora’s bed” completely eliminating her crib by the end of our stay. I tried everything, lowering the crib and installing the toddler side bar, mattress only on the bed, but nothing was working. She would sleep like a baby every-time she hit our mattress so I figured she didn’t like her’s. So long story short lol (sort of) when we moved into the new room, we put the crib in storage and installed one of our spare beds in Nora’s room. With a real mattress and sheets and pillows and guess what guys….she LOVES it…..she has been sleeping all night in her bed and has the best naps. I am sooo thankful, I really thought we messed her up for good lol


We decided against using the box spring since it allows the bed to be low enough that she can easily climb in and out and we didn’t need side rails since the distance to the floor was so small.


We purchased a Beddy Bed since I have been eyeing them up every since I spotted one on House of Five blog (Seriously check her little girls room out, it is goals) I have attached a few pictures above in my inspiration post aka “Babe Cave”. I added a black buffalo check throw since I know our pup Frank will be sleeping here too and I need to keep those beddy sheets fresh and white. (Why do I do this to myself) I love the contrast it brings to her bedroom and it’s exactly like I pictures it in my head.

I found these adorable black and white sheets that have little Canadian images printed on them.  (mini canoe’s, flannel shirts, poutine’s, etc) I seriously looked for a King size without success…..

Sound Machine

We purchased the Hatch Baby Sound Machine and it has been a life saver. It comes on automatically from 7PM-7AM and we tell her (if the light is still on you need to stay in bed and so far it’s working) If she does wake up during the night, the machine is still going giving off a pale light and waves crashing down, so she continues to fall back asleep on her own. I have had the Aden & Anais serenity star since she was born while I loved it, it would not stay on all night and I would have to try and get Nora to sleep, big negative. My mom recently spent the night staying in Nora’s room and she said she had one of the best sleeps due to this machine. So ya go get one, you won’t be disappointed.



A couple years ago I found these amazing Dog Bum Hooks that I added to her space. I can already see all her dress up clothes hanging here (Can she get into that already?? lol I loved playing dress up as a kid and cannot wait until Nora’s shows an interest) We threw in her rocking chair that my mom’s friend passed down too us and obviously Nora’s Franks big stuffed puppy needed to be in here to tie it all together.


We installed a dutch door in Nora’s room and I’m obsessed……

1) Nora loves it and she has such a fun time closing the top so only her and Frank can            enter. She laughs and laughs whenever Bryan and I try and to go in.

2) It allows up to close her door so she isn’t walking around the house at night, but we          can still hear her when the top portion is open. This would also be great for a mud              room to keep your dogs out of the rest of the house. Let me know how that goes,                  Frank run’s the roost here and would be disgusted if we even attempted to keep him          in ours haha.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I had the best time putting her room together and i’m sure it will change constantly.

[Post Script: I have since removed the colourful Christmas balls and installed some adorable pink and white Easter eggs. I think I may change her headboard decor up seasonally!] Check it out on my Instagram Page!


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