“SPRING” Capsule Wardrobe

Okay guy’s.

               I took a poll earlier this week and majority of people had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if anyone else has a capsule wardrobe….A capsule what??


Here’s the gist….a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that won’t go out of style/fashion. You then add in your accessories (shoe’s, scarf’s, coats, etc) maybe a couple statement pieces but keep your collection under 40 items for each season. Accessories are included in this number so be prepared this could be tricky. The key is to buy well made clothing that work well with each other. So when Monday morning comes around, you’re not half asleep starring at your closet with coffee in hand dreading what you’re going to wear.

So here are the rules.

  1. Think quality over quantity. High quality pieces will be an investment, but you will get much more wear out of them. Why are we so concerned with what we feed our bodies, but not with what we put on our skin everyday.

  2. Keep your wardrobe between 30-40 pieces.

  3. Select a colour pallet so all your pieces will work together.

Capsule Closet.JPG


If you have a seasonal capsule, you ONLY wear those clothes during that season. If your favourite sweater you own is a large chunky knit why are you keeping it in your closet over the summer months? Will you wear it? Maybe. But the point is to keep each season together so when fall comes around and you “switch” your wardrobe you will be so happy to see your favourite knit sweater. Also it will probably last you longer because you’re not wearing it all year round.

Since becoming a mom I am constantly thinking about the planet and how we’re leaving it for our little babes. I can’t even think about all the clothing that I have donated in the last 10 years. Honestly, so much money wasted and so much clothing waste that is sitting in some landfill. I know I am guilty of buying “fast fashion” something I will MAYBE wear twice because it’s super trendy, and cheap but only serves one purpose (hello Vegas) OR it’s not made well and starts to pill after one wear.

With this week being the first week of spring, I decided this is a perfect opportunity to start my “spring capsule”. This weekend I will be sorting through my closet and will narrow down my wardrobe to a select 30-40 pieces in each capsule.

Everything else will be sorted into summer, fall and winter capsules and put away in storage. If it doesn’t fit within the rules and I haven’t wore it, I am going to give my sisters first dibs (and maybe nieces now…how are they 10 years old?) Anything left over will go to a woman’s shelter.

Here are a few pieces that I already own that I know I will keep in my spring collection. Spring is a time when I start adding some (limited) colour back into my wardrobe.


These are by Madewell, and honestly I wouldn’t buy any other brand. They’re expensive but amazing quality and come in a 10″ high-rise. Great for having a toddler. You can get down and play and not worry about seeing you undies. A TRUE staple for me. I own both pairs and love them. I may actually own two of roadtripper (right)



Again, these are by Madewell but honestly their quality is sooo good. I’ve been saving this blue plaid button down for warmer weather, and if you know me, you know I have been living in my poppy pullover sweater.  It is perfect for spring since it can still be chilly, but it is not bulky and looks great with dress pants too.



I have a classic pair of black cigarette dress pants that are so comfortable and I wear them at least 2 days a week. They’re a couple years old so below are a similar option. I also have purchased this white eyelet dress with black bow. It is currently on route, so this could be a spring dress with some black tights and booties, or a summer dress with flats (pending length of the dress)


Chill Wear

Honestly, these items would be hard for me to live without. My Sunday and Friday rompers by Smash and Tess are.my.go.to. Every night when I get home, the work clothes come off and the romper goes on. Serious mom uniform. Also the Align legging from lulu lemon are my fav. since they’re high rise and keep things where they should be.

So there you have a few of my item’s that I will probably keep in my spring capsule. I’ll write a follow up post about how I choose my pieces and what I actually kept in my “Spring Collection”.

There are a couple item’s that won’t fall into any category that obviously you can keep them. I.e Formal gowns, wedding dresses, maternity wear or sentimental items. BUT you need to take these out of your closet.

Now the real question…who’s with me?




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