Our Outdoor Oasis


Okay well it’s technically spring…but it’s still 0 deg. Celsius…and snowing….you heard that right..I know it’s only the first week in April BUT I need spring to be here…like yesterday. As most of my fellow Canadians would sure agree, this winter has been a tough one……

One reason I am so excited for some warmer weather to come our way is to start the landscape on our new house.

Did you guys know that designing an outdoor space is really expensive….like really expensive. Patio furniture cost more than regular furniture? $300 Umbrellas you bet…Those cute wooden sheds you daydream about…might as well sell a kidney. Follow along to see what look we’re going for…what our plans are and when it’s all said and done I will share an update!

Check out some of our inspiration below…extra points if you can spot our little one playing in her playhouse “I spruced up”

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