Our Outdoor Oasis


Okay well it’s technically spring…but it’s still 0 deg. Celsius…and snowing….you heard that right..I know it’s only the first week in April BUT I need spring to be here…like yesterday. As most of my fellow Canadians would sure agree, this winter has been a tough one……

One reason I am so excited for some warmer weather to come our way is to start the landscape on our new house.

Did you guys know that designing an outdoor space is really expensive….like really expensive. Patio furniture cost more than regular furniture? $300 Umbrellas you bet…Those cute wooden sheds you daydream about…might as well sell a kidney. Follow along to see what look we’re going for…what our plans are and when it’s all said and done I will share an update!

Check out some of our inspiration below…extra points if you can spot our little one playing in her playhouse “I spruced up”


We’re using majority of our existing patio furniture, and to be honest we had to much previously that half of it was put away in storage so i’m pretty excited to set everything up. We love being outside when the weather warms up. We try to be outdoors majority of the time while we’re home. We set up a TV outside so Bryan can watch some golf and hello outdoor movie nights are what summer dreams are made of. We’re always listening to music and recently we purchased a swim spa for all of us to enjoy. We really wanted a pool but A) they’re soo expensive to put in yourself & B) I want Nora to be able to run free outdoors and not worry that she will fall into the water. Our spa is elevated and has locks on the lid. Check and check

I love when outdoor spaces are a continuation of your home. My goal is to create a cozy outdoor living room….my parent’s bought this outdoor sectional years ago from JYSK and I really love it. I am saving my pennies so one day we can enjoy the comfy sectional while watching Nora play in her adorable playhouse [See below]. Another wish list item is an outdoor fire table and egg chair….ahhhhh egg chairs are so good…but I do get motion sickness in a hammock so I think I may have to cross that one out….Adding lanterns, area rugs, string lights, beautiful outdoor pillows and throw’s you really can’t go wrong.


Right now our spa butts up against our deck, and I really want to make it blend more with the area so I would love to build some raised planter boxes to hide the concrete pad and add some greenery to the space.


We are going back and forth on fence styles and whether we should stick to that traditional vertical boards or horizontal. Ultimately we will go with the most economical choice but I just love the look of a horizontal fence! Not knocking vertical fences but hmmm the horizontal boards feel so zen like….our own littler modern spa…complete with screaming toddler.



Our plan is to add a lot of grasses down the fence line to make it feel cozy since our fence will be taller than your standing height…I think we’re going 8′ since our deck is raised a bit and we really want privacy.

Adding some round boxwood to our front entry landscape with some flower boxes and two outdoor black rocking chairs (check them out above).

I love the idea of planter boxes on your fence to add some colour to the space. I am not overly a flower person and I tend to stick with green shrubs and lots of herbs. But I think this year I might add some little white flowers to my pots like my boss girl crush Monika Hibbs outdoor space at her beautiful house.


As you know, the back yard isn’t only for us grownups but of course our Franky and Nora. Last summer I pinned and pinned so many cute play houses and ultimately found one on sale at Walmart. Of course it was cute, but I knew I could make it better with a little TLC. I went out and decided that before I assembly this playhouse cottage I would paint it so it would blend better with our furniture. We switched this playhouse from firehouse red to a more subtle tan and white with navy blue door. As you can tell from the pictures below it was a huge hit and Nora loved to play inside her house all summer long! I moved our rosemary tree next to her house to add a little something extra to her house.

One thing I really love are these outdoor chalkboards, an inexpensive solution to add some fun outdoors and keep Nora entertained all summer long.

What are your favourite outdoor solutions to enjoy the summer months? Do you use your outdoor space as much as you’d like?


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