Digital Design Curator

Years ago I had a vision. Something that I wanted to do for myself based on one of my true passions in life. It probably comes as no surprise, but that passion is interior design. I’ve been thinking a lot about where this stemmed from and I think it started as a young girl watching my parents building their own homes. Taking on the role of their own general contractor, managing subtrades, and dealing with designers to perfect their homes. I grew up flipping through house plans, going on site walks with dad, imagining what my forever home would look like one day. Although back when I was 8 or 9, my dream home was in the shape of mickey mouse and had a slide in lieu of stairs.

Even though my tastes have changed, my love for interior design has not. I have been helping family and friends “unofficially” for years. Helping with finishes, floor plan modifications, etc so I decided it was finally a time to give it a shot. While I love working for my employer and I still plan on doing so….this new en-devour I will be undertaking a digital design role. Helping people online achieve their own dream home.

Duthie Kitchen

Duthie SketchRendering 6Rednering 5Floor Plan

I will help homeowners perfect their layout,  consult on material selections to make sure everything works a together. I can provide digital renderings, space planning, even fit out your space. My goal is to help you design your dream home all from the comfort of your own home.

With that being said the first 3 people to contact me through my website will get a FREE mini or refresh package!

Check out my website to see all the packages available, I believe there’s a package for everyone!

Can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes me xo

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