Statement Light Fixtures

Lighting can be one of the easiest ways to update your space and really make a statement. I’ve put together a few of my favourite fixtures. Ranging in price and yes some can be an investment. What you need to think about when choosing a fixture, location. Is this going above a dining table, if so what size of table, you need to think about ceiling heights, and what furniture you have around you etc. If your making the investment, normally a dramatic fixture can simplify your space and eliminate the need for further decor, thus some cost savings. (That’s what you can tell your partner lol)

I’ve broken out the fixtures into categories, but typically you can make any shape work with what you have. When in doubt send me a  message and I would love to help! [All pendants are labeled top left to right, like reading a book]


1.Nassa Basket 2.Santa Barbara Pendant 3. Laika – Nautral  4.Archer 5. Lakeport Pendant 6. Laika – Black


1.Unfold 2. Capitol Bell – Black 3.Castle Pendant 4. Mercer 5. Capitol Bell – White  6. Hangar 7.Staunton 8.Bel Air


1.Jerome 2. Shayla Chandelier 3. Lucca 4.Black Hook Pendant 5.Atwell 6.Titan 7.Portfolio 8.Brookings 9.Annie 10.Bautista     11. Geoffrey Chandelier 12 Seneca


1.Maly 2.Westlake 3. Barta 4. Gracelyn 5. Thorne Pendant 6. Kentfield Lantern Pendant 7.Odie – 8 Light Kitchen Pendant 8. Clarissa Glass Drop – Rectangular  9.Glass Globe 10. Chromeo


1. Ray Selenite Pendant 2.Clarissa Glass Drop – Round3.Zuo Modern 4. Aged Bronzed Pendant


1. Turnbury 2.Gabriel 3.Cavanagh 4. Amelia Draped Wood  5. Mystery 6. Pescadero Tiered 7.Carmen Pendant 8. Kichler


Let me know what you think! Did you spot a light that would transform your space?











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