Hospital Bag Essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials

When I was pregnant with Nora I swear I packed and repacked my hospital bag 1000 times because 1. That’s the type of person I am and 2. I loved looking at the little sleepers and would get so excited to meet our little babe. I think because I was induced and I knew when I would be going to the hospital I was even more prepared because I knew I had a deadline to get everything together.

I have shared this list with so many of my girlfriends and coworkers because I found I was looking at several different blogs and everyone contradicted each other. Bring your breastfeeding pillow, no don’t bother…well people what is it??? (I did by the way and didn’t use it lol). You should ask your OB who will be delivering the baby (If you’re having a hospital birth) what products they will supply since some hospitals are better than others. I had Nora at London Health Sciences Center Victoria Hospital so my comments are based on what they provided me at the time. I know everyone will have different opinions on what to bring but this was what works best for me. We were at the Hospital from December 13 to December 16 which I didn’t expect to be there that long so I’ve added a few things to my initial list that I would add/change!

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Living & Dining Room Inspiration

Under one week until the big move…..I can hardly contain myself!

I will provide updates once we’ve made the move and we’ve started to settle in…but until then I’ve created this post to show you our inspiration for our monochromatic living & dining room.

This area is right off our kitchen and a spot that we will be spending most of our waking hours! I’ve loved the dark ship-lap look for so long (who hasn’t) and knew that I wanted to switch out the standard fireplace tile with this dramatic look. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think it adds some modern youthfulness to the space. I’m sure you can tell from my past posts, but we aren’t huge colour people when it comes to decor. We move the monochromatic look but adding bold features like brass pendants and dark accents. I do however love bringing in natural elements into the space in the way of greenery!

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Our Master Design

The place where all the magic happens…

And by magic I mean my solid 8+ hours of sleep a night. lol

I feel like I say this for every post….but the master is one room I am soooo looking forward too. A spot that can be quiet(ish)… it possible to have a quiet room in a house with a toddler? It will be a room where I can escape too when I want to read or watch my horrible reality TV shows Bryan can’t stand. I want our master to be a continuation of the rest of the house but it needs to have an edge. Something between soft and airy but with a little sexiness.

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Bubbles & Bubbles…

Little Miss Nora’s bathroom

I loved putting together the look for Nora’s bathroom. I am excited that she will have her own spot to bath and get her ready for the day. As I said earlier, our last house was a “fixer upper” and Nora’s bathroom actually had a walk in bathtub that you normally have put in when your a older and find it hard to get in and out of the tub alone. So naturally we never used it and Nora would store all her bath toys, bubbles and washcloths in our ensuite. I would be enjoying a nice relaxing bubble bath with all of her rubber duckies watching…..

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Mud & Laundry

The Laundry and Mud room is one of the most mistreated area’s in a home……


It’s a room that normally receives minimal effort. Where our clothes end up after a fun day at the park…where muddy boots, slush and snow come in…….my plan for our new house is for the mud and laundry room to be our base. A spot that is organized to help us on our way out and a place to unload after a long day. If you know me you know I love schedules. I want a spot in this area that can be the hub for what’s going on.

We made some modifications to our floor plan for this area of the house. Originally we had a separate laundry and mud room.

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Spiked Apple Cider & Brown Buttered Treats

Who doesn’t love the smell of fall………..

The smell of crisp apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and I have to say it….pumpkin spice….call me a basic bitch lol but who doesn’t love this time of year. A chance to wear your favourite sweaters, warm up with a hot beverage and enjoy the cooler weather……..

Every Halloween we make a batch of hot apple cider to sip on while passing out Halloween candy and watching our favourite Halloween Movies. (See my favourites here Spooktacular Halloween) We like to keep a bottle of Smirnoff Caramel or Vanilla Vodka on hand for the adults to add if they wish to spice up their apple cider. At the lake house, we lived in a small community where all the parents would group together and walk house to house with the kids. I always had to go cups filled with the cider to keep them warm on their travels. Normally I do this in our crock pot and let it warm with cinnamon sticks, but since we won’t be passing out any this year since we’re in a rental, I think we will downsize and make a stove top option. Store bought cider will work but try and get a natural version with no added sugar. I like to use apple juice and spice it up how I choose.

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Ensuite Design

When planning for our new home….

Design Inspiration

Bryan (aka the best hubby ever) told me I can run with my idea’s and design our new house. He knows this is what I love to do and said as long as I run things by him he’s cool with whatever I pick. I mean who does that? That’s like telling a girl she can go into Sephora and get whatever she wants. After confirming with Bryan that he understands what he just said, I took his words and never looked back. I knew he would be happy with all the choices since our taste is pretty similar. Do you know how many times we show up to work in a black t-shirt, army green pants and brown boots just to realize that we actually look like twins. Obviously mine is always cuter lol but that’s what happens when you drive separately and work at the same place. The only time he has given me any grief during this whole building process is when I show up with chandelier after chandelier. Is that a girl thing? Do we all want to live in a house filled with sparkly lights? Reliving the fairy tale stories we were told as little girls? Our own little castle…

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Spooktacular Halloween

Good morning Ghouls & Ghosts!

It’s that time of year again. One of my favourite holidays. A time when eating mass amounts of candy and dressing up isn’t frowned upon. Living in a rental during this time is really messing with my ability to go full out, but I did a few DIY’s with Nora this weekend with items picked up from Homesense & the Dollarstore. All of our previous decorations are sitting in a 10′ x 20′ storage container somewhere in the city.

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Little Miss Nora’s Room

I loved designing Nora’s Nursery, it was bold and very colourful. Lots of yellow, blue, red, and pink on a deep navy wall. Combined with the pine wainscoting it fit with our coastal vibe at the lake house.

Now that she is two I’ve decided to make her room a bit more grown up. A place she can grow into with a few extra’s that will spark her imagination.

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The Heart of the Home – Our Kitchen

As I said in my last post, the Kitchen is one element of the house that I am most excited about. We decided to keep the kitchen pretty simple. We didn’t want an all white kitchen, but something that was classic, timeless but with a bit of personality. Not to say anything is wrong with all white kitchens, just not our taste. Here are a few of the kitchens I drew inspiration from.


We decided to keep the doors clean by going with a shaker style cabinet. The colour we chose was Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore for the perimeter cabinetry and Abyss by Benjamin Moore for the island.

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