Nora’s Big Girl Room


Our Sweet Little Nora….

One of the best most hilarious things in life is having a toddler……we’re constantly laughing at the things that she says, the way she runs wild. “Oh my gooodnesssss” is heard constantly as well as “Momma Nora Hungi????” Even after two pieces of PB toast, a bowl of cereal and several yogurts lol she is a bottomless pit. Kids can lighten up the mood when you desperately need it and Miss Nora Lynn is no different. When originally planning her room I had visioned a sweet Persian bedroom with a hint of tomboy….lots of pastels and soft pinks with a splash of black for contrast.  (See below for my inspiration)

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Mud & Laundry

The Laundry and Mud room is one of the most mistreated area’s in a home……


It’s a room that normally receives minimal effort. Where our clothes end up after a fun day at the park…where muddy boots, slush and snow come in…….my plan for our new house is for the mud and laundry room to be our base. A spot that is organized to help us on our way out and a place to unload after a long day. If you know me you know I love schedules. I want a spot in this area that can be the hub for what’s going on.

We made some modifications to our floor plan for this area of the house. Originally we had a separate laundry and mud room.

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Ensuite Design

When planning for our new home….

Design Inspiration

Bryan (aka the best hubby ever) told me I can run with my idea’s and design our new house. He knows this is what I love to do and said as long as I run things by him he’s cool with whatever I pick. I mean who does that? That’s like telling a girl she can go into Sephora and get whatever she wants. After confirming with Bryan that he understands what he just said, I took his words and never looked back. I knew he would be happy with all the choices since our taste is pretty similar. Do you know how many times we show up to work in a black t-shirt, army green pants and brown boots just to realize that we actually look like twins. Obviously mine is always cuter lol but that’s what happens when you drive separately and work at the same place. The only time he has given me any grief during this whole building process is when I show up with chandelier after chandelier. Is that a girl thing? Do we all want to live in a house filled with sparkly lights? Reliving the fairy tale stories we were told as little girls? Our own little castle…

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Little Miss Nora’s Room

I loved designing Nora’s Nursery, it was bold and very colourful. Lots of yellow, blue, red, and pink on a deep navy wall. Combined with the pine wainscoting it fit with our coastal vibe at the lake house.

Now that she is two I’ve decided to make her room a bit more grown up. A place she can grow into with a few extra’s that will spark her imagination.

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The Heart of the Home – Our Kitchen

As I said in my last post, the Kitchen is one element of the house that I am most excited about. We decided to keep the kitchen pretty simple. We didn’t want an all white kitchen, but something that was classic, timeless but with a bit of personality. Not to say anything is wrong with all white kitchens, just not our taste. Here are a few of the kitchens I drew inspiration from.


We decided to keep the doors clean by going with a shaker style cabinet. The colour we chose was Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore for the perimeter cabinetry and Abyss by Benjamin Moore for the island.

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