Ensuite Design

When planning for our new home….

Design Inspiration

Bryan (aka the best hubby ever) told me I can run with my idea’s and design our new house. He knows this is what I love to do and said as long as I run things by him he’s cool with whatever I pick. I mean who does that? That’s like telling a girl she can go into Sephora and get whatever she wants. After confirming with Bryan that he understands what he just said, I took his words and never looked back. I knew he would be happy with all the choices since our taste is pretty similar. Do you know how many times we show up to work in a black t-shirt, army green pants and brown boots just to realize that we actually look like twins. Obviously mine is always cuter lol but that’s what happens when you drive separately and work at the same place. The only time he has given me any grief during this whole building process is when I show up with chandelier after chandelier. Is that a girl thing? Do we all want to live in a house filled with sparkly lights? Reliving the fairy tale stories we were told as little girls? Our own little castle…

 Here are a few of the of the ensuites I pulled inspiration from. Doesn’t that bath look so dreamy lol

In the master ensuite we want to keep the same design aesthetic throughout the entire house. Continue with the same colour palette and allow the interiors to flow into each room. I really wanted our ensuite to be a relaxing space where this mama can enjoy a nice long bath after trying to get her toddler to sleep in her new “big girl bed”. (It only took 2.5 hours running back and forth tonight with Nora yelling mamma snugs pleezzz.) Needless to say I never turn down a snuggle from my little miss and skipped out on my daily bath.

Millwork & Lighting

We decided to keep it bright for our bathroom cabinetry. We used Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore for the cabinets and walls and Ice Snow Quartz by Caesarstone for our counters. Since the bathroom tub and shower fixtures are chrome, we decided to keep with that trend in the bathrooms for the fixtures. I never understood brushed nickle… your fixtures are little tiny accessories for your bathroom, don’t you want them to shine? For the millwork hardware we continued with the modern farmhouse trend and kept the black hardware. I love the contrast against the white shaker cabinets, we added a center console cabinet to hide our tooth brushes and face towels etc. I am a woman who hates clutter. My counters need to be clear and clean. Everything has a home in our house. Keys, loose paper, coins and receipts all make me sweat.

Above the vanity we decided to have two black barn lights over each vanity sink and we’re thinking of installing a clear beaded chandelier similar to the one shown above the tub.

Tile & Stone

For anyone who knows me, knows that I love baths and would have 2 or more a day if Bryan would let me. This is one area of the house that will be my quiet space. When Nora’s asleep and Bryan’s watching the game, I will come in here with a good book and my favourite bubble bath (FYI it’s Hot Buttered Rum by Philosophy)

We decided to keep the tile neutral and this floor will tie it all together. Bryan and I both love the glossy ceramics. The tile we chose has a grey, tan and white marble look. I wanted something that will be forgiving on the floor since I lose about 2 lbs of hair after a blow out. Anyone with me? There is nothing worse then seeing all the little strands of hair gather around you.

We are going to have a separate shower and skirted bath so we decided to install a white stone from the top of the tub to the underside of the ceiling. We will carry the floor tile to the top face of the tub.

The shower floor is one of my favourites. I have been looking at this tile for years and added it multiple times to my Pinterest dream board. It’s a dark grey oversize hexagon tile and were pairing it with a high gloss white textured tile for the shower walls. The texture tile reminded me of Bryan. Maybe because it has a slight checker pattern and Bryan owns about 14 of those shirts lol He instantly liked it when I brought home the sample…..


The older Nora get’s the more her personality shines through. One of my favourite parts of my day is getting ready in the morning with her on my lap applying Makeup. Some for mama some for Nora she says, she is definitely going to give me a run for my money…..


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