Our Master Design

The place where all the magic happens…

And by magic I mean my solid 8+ hours of sleep a night. lol

I feel like I say this for every post….but the master is one room I am soooo looking forward too. A spot that can be quiet(ish)…..is it possible to have a quiet room in a house with a toddler? It will be a room where I can escape too when I want to read or watch my horrible reality TV shows Bryan can’t stand. I want our master to be a continuation of the rest of the house but it needs to have an edge. Something between soft and airy but with a little sexiness.

Finishing Touches

We made some changes to the original floor plan in the master. We have purchased a swim spa which I will talk about it a later post with our landscaping plans. The only problem is that the spa would be on the complete opposite side of the house from the patio door. I know this is a first world problem, but what is the point in having a relaxing spa in the winter when you freeze your tush off running back to the house. So we decided that since there’s room, we will add french doors off the master bedroom onto the deck. Only problem, now we have an entire wall in our master that is all window. So I was on the hunt for some window coverings. To my surprise I quickly found out that curtains are sooooooo expensive. I was in shock! It wasn’t as if I was looking for the Taj Mahal of curtains. I wanted simple white curtains with a texture (think twill) that were 9′ in length. I looked for months,….adding several orders to my online shopping cart only to quickly exit out of the browsers because there was zero way I was spending over $1000 on curtains for the house. Luckily for me I found some very affordable white curtains at IKEA called the RITVA for a fraction of the price. We purchased black matte curtain rods for the entire house to pair with the white curtains. Can you tell I am allergic to colour in our house? The curtains aren’t black out but they have the look I was going for and if needed I can add some shades to the bedroom windows down the road.

Isn’t that piece of art beautiful? I will be on the lookout to find something very similar for our master. I am loving the colours and it would work perfectly in our room.


After our wedding, Bryan and I decided that we would bite the bullet and purchase a real adult bed. No more IKEA bedroom set, No more blow up “mattress” (This was Bryan’s college bed and he assured me it was so comfortable and he would choose it over a regular mattress any-day. Thank God that phase didn’t last long, I had pulled my back so many times trying to get out in the morning.) No, now that we were married (and adults?) I think that’s still up for debate….it was time to grow up. There was a bed at Urban barn that I spotted years ago. I had dreamnt about this bed, could often be found in the store laying on the model  pondering what it would be like to own one day. Well that day came pretty quickly after our wedding and arrived around the time we found out we we’re pregnant. I remember it being delivered and I had to get my brother in law (shout out to Trev) to put it together because I couldn’t wait until Bryan was home from work (He worked for two weeks away at a time in Northern Canada..Brr) now normally I would tackle this myself, but we had just found out we were pregnant with our little Miss. Wow that seems like ages ago……King Greyson Bedframe

When we found out we were expecting we purchased the Hemnes IKEA dresser in white for the nursery. We loved it so much that we purchased one for our room as well. I highly recommend it, its sturdy, classic and budget friendly. We have both the white and white stain, and I would choose the white over the white stain. It cleans better and looks more polished.

Hemnes Dresser

With our last home we didn’t have near enough furniture to furnish the house so we purchased two wing back chairs from Strutube. I’m glad we did because now I will have a little reading nook in our cozy master. My mom purchased this amazing faux fur throw from Indigo for me for Christmas two years ago and I already have visions of snuggling up on that chair and a good book watching the snow fall outside (to basic?)


We decided to paint an accent wall in the master, we used the same colour as our fireplace in the living room. We went with Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. I love the colour, the contrast between the dark wall and our very tall beautiful bed is perfect. We carried the hardwood flooring throughout the entire main floor which will tie in nicely with all our furniture.


Progress is coming along we we’re 2 weeks away from move in! I am sooo excited to get into our new place and out of rental living! Next house post will be our living room inspiration!

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