Mud & Laundry

The Laundry and Mud room is one of the most mistreated area’s in a home……


It’s a room that normally receives minimal effort. Where our clothes end up after a fun day at the park…where muddy boots, slush and snow come in…….my plan for our new house is for the mud and laundry room to be our base. A spot that is organized to help us on our way out and a place to unload after a long day. If you know me you know I love schedules. I want a spot in this area that can be the hub for what’s going on.

We made some modifications to our floor plan for this area of the house. Originally we had a separate laundry and mud room.

Floor plan

Floor plan.PNG

The mud room was right off the front hallway. We all know not matter how much we try to be organized …boots and shoes always end up scattered at the door and coats will be hung on door handles….so we decided to move the wall separating the two rooms to allow for one large space that can be closed off when guests are over #momporn

A few helpful items that I will be adding to this room….

Calendar – A spot for Bryan and I to look at the month week ahead (who are we kidding, our schedules are constantly changing on a daily basis.) With Bryan and I both working for the same General Contractor we are always juggling our schedules. Jumping from site to site,  who’s picking up Nora today, when is Bryan’s hockey, my yoga,  Nora’s doctors, Franks Vet appointments etc. We definitely need a spot in the house that can show us what we have on the go.

Grocery List/To do list – Do we need milk? Eggs? Don’t forget to add Nora’s peanut butter. A great spot to keep notes that we can glance at on our way out of the house. Luckily with us moving into a new home I hope our “to do” list only consist of a few items lol but we already have a few things planned for next year…..




Similar to master ensuite, we wanted something bright for the mud room so we stuck with the Chantilly Lace shaker cabinets and black hardware. In a dream world we could have quartz in the laundry room, but until we win the lottery we decided to go with Formica laminate in Neo cloud. It’s the low end version of our kitchen counters. For flooring  we went with a grey large square tile. I wanted something that would be durable, could stand up to the everyday wear and tear and hopefully hide as much dirt as possible lol


We found these two black flush mount barn lights on Wayfair and I think they will tie into our theme for the house. They have a gold finish on the interior which will hopefully add some contrast to a very monochromatic room.

Millwork changes

We decided to go with a stack-able washer dryer from Samsung. The last two homes we’ve owned, one of them was stack-able and the other had the washer/dryer side by side. It’s personal preference but we both likes having the stack-able. We tried to configure the millwork to allow for decent counter-top space to sort and fold, but also a spot below to store our laundry baskets while we’re waiting for a load to finish.  Originally we wanted this space to fit Frank’s crate, but with limited space in this area we went with plan B.


laundry elevation marked up

Glass apothecary Jars

I use these to hold my laundry pods,  bleach and vinegar (best cleaner when you have a pup allergic to everything). Throw them on the counter and it instantly updates the space and allows for reduced “ugly clutter” ie detergent boxes or containers.

Future plans…

One thing that I would love to have in this space are millwork lockers. A spot for everyone to keep their shoes, hats, mittens, and everyday coats and a place for Nora to sit and tie her shoes (one day). IKEA has some great storage solutions that we definitely will be looking at for the future….

We officially move into the house in a few weeks….Currently our flooring both hardwood and tile are being laid and our cabinets are being installed….my next home renovation page will give an update on actual construction.



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