Bubbles & Bubbles…

Little Miss Nora’s bathroom

I loved putting together the look for Nora’s bathroom. I am excited that she will have her own spot to bath and get her ready for the day. As I said earlier, our last house was a “fixer upper” and Nora’s bathroom actually had a walk in bathtub that you normally have put in when your a older and find it hard to get in and out of the tub alone. So naturally we never used it and Nora would store all her bath toys, bubbles and washcloths in our ensuite. I would be enjoying a nice relaxing bubble bath with all of her rubber duckies watching…..


Nora’s bathroom is the one room in the house that I actually used the brass hardware I have been swooning over since day one. We decided to use the same paint colour for the cabinetry that we used in our kitchen. We used Benjamin Moore – Classic grey. The counters are Ice Snow quartz by caesarstone. Flooring we used the same ceramic tile that was used in the ensuite design. (It was actually installed this weekend and I am sooooooo happy with it) All walls are painted Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore! This bathroom will be a soft neutral bathroom with bold dark pieces of artwork.



Can you tell that I love navy? I think a deep navy is such a classic look, the colour is so rich and it pairs so well with our colour scheme. I love using it with soft whites, grays and a touch of natural wood. We decided to use the IKEA Stockholm mirror for above the vanity. It’s different than your traditional vanity mirror but will add a great architectural element to the space. I love bringing in bold pieces of artwork in a otherwise soft space.

Lighting & Accessories

I want to keep Nora’s bathroom bright and neutral. Her bathroom will be used by guests when they visit so I don’t want to make it gender specific. Not that I would make it bubble gum pink, but I wanted it to be a space that is fun but inviting. I love the white rugs and shower curtains (and I hope I can keep them white with a two year old) We carried the same vanity lighting into this bathroom as well. The black barn light will work well with the soft grey cabinet and wooden mirror. I have two wooden IKEA shelves that I use with black supports. It works perfectly with our modern farmhouse feel. and looks very chic while being very affordable.

We’re one step closer to building our new house! I can’t wait to share our progress with you!



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